NEWS                                 ROMANSUSAN ART


Opera ︎ e-commerce label of experimental art/design hybrids. Performative objects, libretti, costumes, character development, and snazzy apparel for warm people in cold climates. 

Sparkle Hat for Winter Solstice
          For warm people in cold climates. Very warm fleece lining keeps your head warm and the layer of sequins adds extra wind protection. Prepare for lots of attention on the streets! Limited edition. 
Collage sketches for an upcoming project
           Watch this space for more information about project development and exhibitions!


We Are Gold Jacket
        Custom cropped bomber. Originally made to match We Are Gold installation. Wearable spirit — can’t help but move like an air dancer!

Fun Rain Poncho with Arm-warmers
     Inspired by a collabroation with Vexations by Lauen Sudbrink and worn by performers during the Erik Satie tribute at Northpole Exhibitions. Sporty with soft flowing lines, this transparent nylon lightweight gear will keep you feeling snazzy in the rain! 

Cloak of Lies
    Created in response to the elections in 2016. Imperialist fantasy wear. Heavy upholstery brocade originally purchased to outfit a Medieval Times carpet commercial. Available to be used for any and all Shakespearian high school plays!

Rock Paintings (24 total) 
    Inspired by a reidency in Iceland and the hexoganal formations of black basalt rocks worn by the sea. Thin plywood laminated with painted acrylic canvas. Part of my installation Myopia (2016) as floor paintings raised on pine block and surronded by a thin layer of white salt. 

Kimono-style Soft Robe
     Inspired by a trip to Portland and worn by my sister in her amazing garden. Very soft almost sheer cotton voile makes for a lovely summer cover.

Patchwork cloak of abandoned paintings
      A studio piece that had the intention of being the back of a robe that is enjoying inertia as a wall-hanging. Stiff and crispy armor-like oil on canvas.