Ignition Projects, 2018, Chicago, IL

The realm of merging forces. Potential energy. Infinity meets chaos.
Constancy, expectancy, inevitability.
Energetic potency. Windbags and wishes.
Inflation, suspension, grace.
Inflation, suspension, fall from grace.
Force of grace.

The seed of this section of my ongoing opera project is a painting that is part of a series investigating movement and joining.

I animate this image with inflatable sculptures. They are made from various nylon fabrics, some of them screen-printed. They may be handled gently, especially if the sculptures initiate an encounter, or if they are droopy and need an intervention.

The visiting audience is invited to make decisions about the experience through interactive control devices and costume changes. Participants are welcome to take with them a commemorative iron-on patch to enhance their personal wardrobe.

Video:  Installation View, Ignition Projects, 2018