NEWS                                 ROMANSUSAN ART

Executive Director and Co-Curator 

ROMAN SUSAN ART programs exhibitions and community activities at 1224 West Loyola Avenue and various locations in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois. The organization was founded by Kristin Abhalter in November 2012 and is named after her grandparents, Roman and Susan Lewandowski. The mission of the Roman Susan is to develop and support new, locally-focused opportunities to display, create, and experience art.

Roman Susan has hosted and helped facilitate 80+ art projects in Rogers Park working with 800+ artists from the neighborhood, the greater Chicagoland area, and around the world. Our projects favor interaction, participation, and local engagement with new creative works, and everything we do is free and open to the general public. For more information on past projects, please visit

C.V. Exhibition Coordination

2019    Tracy Marie Taylor: While I Was Away
2019    Colleen Keihm: Holding Site
2019    Juan Molina Hernández: autoretrato
2019    Yunhee Min: Keeping Things Whole
2019    Mie Kongo and Norman W. Long: Without Within
2019    Jillian Hansen-Lewis: Borrowed Lamps (applause for my friends)
2019    AJ McClenon: Black Water
2018    Colleen Plumb: Theodora in Paris
2018    Steven Husby: Paths of Least Resistance
2018    Rebecca Beachy and Christine Wallers: In no time
2018    Yvette Mayorga: Pastillage
2018    Gwendolyn Zabicki: Windows, Doors, and Mirrors
2018    Ronen Goldstein: Ronen Susan
2018    Chanel Chiffon Thomas: Soft Show
2018    Suburban Piano Quartet: about a block
2018    Andrew Yang: Prismisms
2018    Charles Joseph Smith: DIY
2018    Lauren Sudbrink: Escape Orchestra
2018    Udita Upadhyaya: nevernotmusic
2017    Chris Zain: Admission of Aggregate
2017    Thomas Kong: Be Happy
2017    Sadie Woods: A Study in Rhyme & Song
2017    Marina Miliou-Theocharaki and Sanaz Sohrabi: States of Prose
2017    Yhelena Hall and Michael Hall: Wilderness and Household
2017    Lucky Pierre: the old is dying and the new cannot be born
2017    Gwyneth Anderson: Thaumatropes
2017    Kayla Anderson: Model Home
2017    Alejandro T. Acierto: Breathing Room
2017    Property
2017    Meg Duguid: Production of an escalating crisis
2017    Julietta Cheung: THE AMERICAN.
2016    Joelle Mercedes and Amina Ross: twinskin
2016    Daniel Luedtke: BINDER
2016    Lindsey Dezman: The Driftless Region
2016    Joshua Kent and Thomas Kong: REALFAKE
2016    Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson: No Diving!
2016    Thomas Kong: Be Happy (A Proposal)
2016    Ruby Thorkelson: Club
2016    Jessica Caponigro: Sing a Funeral Song
2016    Colleen Plumb: Removed from the Domain of Struggle
2016    Wild Is The Wind
2015    Matt Martin: the kessler syndrome
2015    Madhuri Shukla: Dog Days
2015    Christine Wallers: Death of a Moth
2015    Ruth Hodgins: Nothing Named Nine Times
2015    Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney: havoc and tumbled
2015    Maddie Reyna: Song of the Summer
2015    Taylor Ervin: Parade
2015    Michelle Bolinger: Containers for Places
2015    Cole Pierce: Phase Transition
2015    Peanut Colada
2015    Alex Bradley Cohen and Marissa Neuman: Living to Work Together
2014    Matt Martin: u.127
2014    Gwyneth Anderson: Qualiascope
2014    Community Area One
2014    Megan Sterling: Thresh/hold
2014    Paté Conaway: Weave!
2014    Amber Ginsburg and Katie Hargrave: How to un-make an American Quilt
2014    Jorge Mañes Rubio: Street Food Lighting
2014    Joshua Kent: On the impossibility of a singular hand
2014    Polly Yates: UNHOMELY
2014    Objects
2013    The Wide Open
2013    Saints
2013    Surrounded