I am a collaborative artist, craftsperson, and designer making exhibitions, installations, costumes, and sets for stage and screen. 
I paint, sew, draw, and build.

I am also the founding artistic director of Roman Susan Art, Chicago. 

Once I learned the skills of production, I began to see stages everywhere, beyond the confines of theatre. The workshop, the sidewalk, the storefront. An exhibition is a stage I prefer most. Warp-speed immediate connection with material and space. Objects perform and everyone is the audience. The actor; the artist, eclipsed, or mirrored, or vanished, the ultimate trick. The objects I make live in an unapologetic awareness of the stage. They are dancing with cliche and subtlety, cheap materials and heightened emotions. The container of play, opera, parade, and spectacle hovers open to allow the viewer to step through into fantasy. Motion assists discovery, anticipation builds empathy.

© Kristin Abhalter Smith