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C.V. Exhibition Coordination

2019    Tracy Marie Taylor: While I Was Away
2019    Colleen Keihm: Holding Site
2019    Juan Molina Hernández: autoretrato
2019    Yunhee Min: Keeping Things Whole
2019    Mie Kongo and Norman W. Long: Without Within
2019    Jillian Hansen-Lewis: Borrowed Lamps (applause for my friends)
2019    AJ McClenon: Black Water
2018    Colleen Plumb: Theodora in Paris
2018    Steven Husby: Paths of Least Resistance
2018    Rebecca Beachy and Christine Wallers: In no time
2018    Yvette Mayorga: Pastillage
2018    Gwendolyn Zabicki: Windows, Doors, and Mirrors
2018    Ronen Goldstein: Ronen Susan
2018    Chanel Chiffon Thomas: Soft Show
2018    Suburban Piano Quartet: about a block
2018    Andrew Yang: Prismisms
2018    Charles Joseph Smith: DIY
2018    Lauren Sudbrink: Escape Orchestra
2018    Udita Upadhyaya: nevernotmusic
2017    Chris Zain: Admission of Aggregate
2017    Thomas Kong: Be Happy
2017    Sadie Woods: A Study in Rhyme & Song
2017    Marina Miliou-Theocharaki and Sanaz Sohrabi: States of Prose
2017    Yhelena Hall and Michael Hall: Wilderness and Household
2017    Lucky Pierre: the old is dying and the new cannot be born
2017    Gwyneth Anderson: Thaumatropes
2017    Kayla Anderson: Model Home
2017    Alejandro T. Acierto: Breathing Room
2017    Property
2017    Meg Duguid: Production of an escalating crisis
2017    Julietta Cheung: THE AMERICAN.
2016    Joelle Mercedes and Amina Ross: twinskin
2016    Daniel Luedtke: BINDER
2016    Lindsey Dezman: The Driftless Region
2016    Joshua Kent and Thomas Kong: REALFAKE
2016    Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson: No Diving!
2016    Thomas Kong: Be Happy (A Proposal)
2016    Ruby Thorkelson: Club
2016    Jessica Caponigro: Sing a Funeral Song
2016    Colleen Plumb: Removed from the Domain of Struggle
2016    Wild Is The Wind
2015    Matt Martin: the kessler syndrome
2015    Madhuri Shukla: Dog Days
2015    Christine Wallers: Death of a Moth
2015    Ruth Hodgins: Nothing Named Nine Times
2015    Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney: havoc and tumbled
2015    Maddie Reyna: Song of the Summer
2015    Taylor Ervin: Parade
2015    Michelle Bolinger: Containers for Places
2015    Cole Pierce: Phase Transition
2015    Peanut Colada
2015    Alex Bradley Cohen and Marissa Neuman: Living to Work Together
2014    Matt Martin: u.127
2014    Gwyneth Anderson: Qualiascope
2014    Community Area One
2014    Megan Sterling: Thresh/hold
2014    Paté Conaway: Weave!
2014    Amber Ginsburg and Katie Hargrave: How to un-make an American Quilt
2014    Jorge Mañes Rubio: Street Food Lighting
2014    Joshua Kent: On the impossibility of a singular hand
2014    Polly Yates: UNHOMELY
2014    Objects
2013    The Wide Open
2013    Saints
2013    Surrounded