Snazzy aparrel for warm people in cold climates.

Named for my father’s parents.
Sewn in the basement, just like grandma.


Available here and at
buddy in the Chicago Cultural Center

Contact me for custom inquiries.


Limited Edition

Sequined Hats

— Sold at buddy
lined with polar fleece for extra warmth and wind protection for your ears and stretch satin lining to protect your hair as much as possible.

$45 (includes U.S. shipping) ︎
XS, S, M, L
size chart

synthetic materials
hand wash cold dry flat

Sparkle Hat Gold      

“The Original” 
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Sparkle Hat Silver   

“The Denise”

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Sparkle Hat Leopard   

“The Rockstar”
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Sparkle Hat Aurora  

“The Skylar”
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